Monday, December 17, 2012

The Boy Who Cried Indifference

So it's 20 hours until I am leaving on a short trip to Thailand to see my sister off on her endeavor to discover every shade of cray the world (or at least east Asia) has to offer. Everything that Ashley has told you about me is absolutely true. I'm not sure what she says, but I can't imagine she would lie, so let's roll with it.

I almost feel bad when I tell my coworkers and friends (which are mostly one and the same these days) that I am going to Thailand for 18 days and when they ask questions or propose suggestions I legitimately respond with "I'm not sure what exactly I am doing, I just know I am flying into Bangkok on the 18th and I get home on the 5th". This is not because I am trying to avoid a conversation, but because I actually have little to no idea what lies ahead of me. Ashley and Kim have done all of the planning and I am along for the ride. Whatever extra entertainment I can provide to the blog followers is a bonus, but as with most things, I probably won't post anything unless Ashley instructs me (just as with this post, is this good enough Ashley?) 


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