Tuesday, December 11, 2012

One Way Ticket to Thailand

Exactly one week to go- to the hour- until I'm off to Thailand!  I AM SO EXCITED!  I AM SO NERVOUS!  I have literally no idea how to get myself ready for this trip and I'm kind of having a panic attack right now.  If I take a step back though I realize that I've already done so many little things and taken so many baby steps to get this ball rolling... and things are kind of coming together. 

Months ago (don't judge) I moved home with my parents.  I didn't know if I'd be doing this trip with Kim for sure (who was going with or without me), but I knew that if I wanted to even have the chance to do it, moving home for a few months would be key.  Then the money saving started.  Then I started really talking to Kim about what she wanted to do and let myself get a little excited- I think I even pinned a few pictures of Thailand.  Then I started thinking it was a terrible idea.  How could I possibly quit a job that I loved?  How could I take off for an undetermined amount of time when I was almost 30 and should be thinking about settling down and finding someone to marry and have babies with (like everyone else on Facebook)??  What if Kim got tired of me?  What if there were sn@kes there??  What if you really can't wear makeup because it just sweats off your face??  I mean, there were a lot of reasons I figured I shouldn't go.  But then I figured out it was kind of now or never. 

When was I ever going to have no lease, no house, no manfriend, no car payments, no babies- nothing actually really holding me down?  I mean the true answer to those question is maybe never again, or maybe next year- but the important part was that I had no idea.  I just knew that the timing was probably right, right now, so I decided to go all in.  I talked to my awesome boss and started planning when my last day would be.  I told my family I was really doing it (sorry mom but I promise I'll be safe!)  I found an orphanage in Cambodia we wanted to volunteer at.  I BOUGHT A ONE WAY TICKET TO THAILAND.  I convinced my brother to go with me for the first 2 weeks!  I told everyone at work I was quitting my life to go on a walkabout!  I started buying things at REI.  I got my first pair of ugly travel sandals.  Our friends had a going away dinner for us (thanks Megs!)  I got a new fancy no-international fees bank account.  I started practicing wearing my hair naturally curly.  I did a lot of stuff!  I still have so much more to do, but it helps to remember what I've already done, and I guess I've really done all the big stuff already.  Now it's time to just tie it all in a nice bow and take off.  At exactly this very minute at 12:35pm in one week.  Eeeeeeee!  -Ashley


  1. Ash, this is so exciting! I admire you so much for taking off and doing this—I wish I had that luxury! Enjoy it—can't wait to hear about all your awesome adventures. Travel safe! xoxoxo

  2. For some reason, of all of this wonderful writing, the line "I practiced wearing my hair naturally curly" really cracked me up. I am glad you are prepared for the most important things, because it's humid as shiz over there.