Sunday, December 30, 2012

Alert! This post is out of sequence!

Hi! Just a quick post that is totally out of order because we still have lots of things to post about the past week or so that we haven't done yet- like how we were on a remote island in bungalows with lots of mosquitos and without electricity for 4 days over Christmas. And how we spent the next 4 days in Phuket in paradise despite so many people telling us not to go there (pro tip #47 you can't always trust what other travelers tell you because it turns out you might like different things than them!) Anyways, I digress. What I'm saying is that I just wanted to write a quick heyooo to say OMG we are obsessed with Chiang Mai. And after this post you have to pretend it never happened and I'll pretend we're still on the remote island so I can write all about how I did nothing for four days and survived to talk about it.

So, Chiang Mai. We just flew in here from Phuket early this afternoon and had the very best day ever! It is this beautiful sort of jungly city in the north of Thailand and the weather is perfect, the people are so nice, the food is delicious and even better- everything is half the price that it was everywhere else we've been! As my dad likes to say- its not how much you spend, it's how much you save :) and knowing that massages were 300 Bhat ($10) an hour everywhere else, and are 120 Bhat ($4) an hour here... Well I'm going to have to spend a lot of time saving money.

We were lucky enough to arrive on a Sunday which is the day they have the most giant night market in the world, and we spent about 4 hours wandering through it tonight delighting over all the trinkets and useless crafts we could buy for under a dollar. We got more hammer pants, more jewelry, a new backpack, more clothes, and tasted lots of delicious (and mostly too spicy for me) street food. After about 13,000 steps on the Fitbit we treated ourselves to a 30 minute foot massage that cost literally $2. Then Kyle did not have a McFlurry and we did not decide to hit the hay early instead of grabbing drinks because we wanted to be ready to party tomorrow night for New Years Eve. That totally did not happen. And I'm not in a bunk bed laboriously writing this on my iPhone. :)

And the most important thing we need to add to this super "quick" post... HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNICHIKA!!! WE LOVE YOU!!


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  1. "how I did nothing for four days and survived to talk about it" - hahah, this hardly sounds like nothing! Happy new year friends, love you!!