Friday, December 7, 2012

Is it chicken, or does it taste like chicken?

I've quickly realized I never mastered EnglAsian. Spanglish, no problemo. Franglais, sexy. English with a slavic twist, second nature. But English with a heavy Asian accent isn't something I've had a lot of exposure to so I'm finding myself saying "Sorry, could you repeat that?" a lot. This is the reason I ate stomach and intestines as my first meal in SE Asia.

I hadn't eaten in over 16 hours and was starving but I wanted my first meal to be epic. I'm pretty sure food is 85% of the reason I am here. So I started my search for the Golden Mile Food Center. I'm terrible with directions and almost gave up but I finally found it! I spent the next 10 minutes slowly walking past about 20 different stalls until I found a picture of the perfect dish, loaded with lots of veggies. It was also the only picture that didn't have a name associated with it. 

I placed the order and the lady said something to me I didn't understand. I asked her what was in it, chicken? She tilted her head to the side with an inquisitive look and gave me a slow nod, repeating what she had said before. I still didn't understand what she said so I returned her slow nod and sat down. When she brought out the food I tried one more time. "What is in this?" "Stomach and intestines," she said while rubbing her belly. Ah, third time and sign language is the charm. 

What I decided was the intestines wasn't quite as good as what I decided was the stomach but the dish was pretty delicious. Does anyone happen to know if the brown jalapeno looking thing (top, center of pic) is intestine or stomach?



  1. Kim, when you inevitably get some serious traveler's diarrhea, don't forget how to make that emergency electrolyte drink.

    Did you get business class?

    I'm very excited for you! - Joe

  2. Please eat allllll the intestines before I get there.

  3. Definitely intestines. I did eat those a lot when I grow up. It taste a lot better if it cook with egg and rice wine :). -- Swandi foodie.