Sunday, December 30, 2012

Head to Toe in a Bungalow

Koh Jum, Thailand.  December 21st-26th.  4 nights, 1 bed, 3 people, 1 mosquito net, 7 cockroaches, one love. (see Reggae reference below).

Koh Jum is SO BEAUTIFUL.  It's a remote island just a couple hours boat ride from Krabi with about 6 different bungalow resorts lining the empty beaches, a tiny adorable town just a 20 minute jungle walk from the resort with the most friendly locals in the world, and an off the beaten path feel.

Giddy after jumping off the ferry onto a long tail boat that would take us to the island

Kim & Kyle walking to the beach to enjoy sunset with a Chang
It was almost everything we hoped it would be in terms of relaxation and beauty, but we just could never get 100% comfortable there.  I'd say for me it started with a conversation I overheard on our first trip to town to get water.  We trekked through the jungle behind the bungalows until we popped out into a little town with a small school, 5 convenience type shops selling the same things, and a few homestyle (as in out of someone's actual home) restaurants.  As we walked up to one of the shops there were some travelers hanging out having a beer and I overheard one guy say to the other "so mate, were you ever able to get that sn@ke out of your daughter's room??"!!!!!!!!!!!  WHY OH WHY DID I HAVE TO HEAR THIS?  I wanted to run away and cry but I was scared that anywhere I ran I'd trip on a $nake or something- plus I realized I was on a tiny island and there was nowhere to escape to.  I guess this is that part when traveling makes you stronger?  

After the sn@ke-conversation-incident I was permanently a bit on edge, but Kim and Kyle aren't scared of them, so they were doing just fine.  It wasn't until we got back to our room and Kyle opened his backpack to find 7 cockroaches scurry out that he was pretty rattled too.  Kim held strong until she had a bug fly in her eye, a giant flying creature land in her hair, and got a slew of mosquito bites within a 15 minute time span that night.  On top of the critter-stress we were all under, the icing on the cake was realizing that the three of us were going to have to sleep head to toe in our two person bungalow.  

We three thrifty individuals thought we could save a few bucks by getting just one bungalow and adding an "extra bed", but since the extra bed turned out to be a blanket on the wood-planked-cockroach-ridden floor, we realized none of us were trying to sleep there.  That left us one option- and it was a very uncomfortable sweaty awkward option.  The three of us, for four nights, crammed under the mosquito net in one bed.  Did I mention how hot and muggy it was??  Ok just making sure you get the picture.  

Our Christmas in paradise wasn't exactly what we anticipated, but we made the best of it and ended up having an awesome time (when we weren't applying bug repellent or trying to sleep).  In true summer camp fashion we made some great friends and learned some new games.  And also like summer camp- it all culminated in a Reggae Night Party where we danced our faces off with all our new friends until the wee hours of the morning.  One Love!
Awesome Reggae band complete with matching mustaches
Let the dance party begin!
The most eclectic group of people all celebrating together 
Time for bed!

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