Sunday, December 16, 2012

How I Almost Stole a Monorail Car

One afternoon in Malacca, Werner, Sameli, Christian, AB and myself went to do the river walk. It's a bit like the river walk in San Antonio except less crowded and more open feeling. About halfway through the walk we started following along a monorail track above us. Sameli told us the story of how they spent millions of MYR to build the monorail and had a huge opening ceremony in 2010. Shortly after it opened the monorail started experiencing lots of technical problems, eventually broke and they never bothered to fix it.

As we neared the end of the walk, we looked up and saw the monorail car sitting at the station and decided to go check it out. We walked up two flights of stairs that had a lot of local art hanging on display. "How nice!" I thought. "They turned a bad experience into an art gallery."

We reached the top and the doors to the monorail were open so we got on to explore. I climbed into the driver's seat and noticed several of the buttons were lit up. I looked back at my friends and asked "Where to, gentlemen?" and almost pushed one of the buttons. Then I noticed a low humming noise, thought better of pushing the button and we disembarked after taking a few pictures.

We were sitting around in the shade chatting for about 30 minutes when a lady approached us and asked if we were waiting for a ride on the monorail. Knowing that she would tell us it was broken we jokingly said, "Yes, we would like a ride." "Ok, but you have to go downstairs and buy a ticket first." "Wait, you mean it isn't broken??" She laughed and told us "No, of course not."

Great security they have here in Malacca :) I'm very glad I didn't push that button. And just FYI, the Wikipedia page still says the monorail isn't running:


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