Thursday, December 20, 2012

Day One in Bangkok

I wanted to title this post Bangkok-a-doodle-doo because of the lovely way we were woken up this morning at the crack of dawn, by what seemed like 100 roosters, but then I realized some of my friends (Laura) would probably never read this blog again if I came right out the gate with a pun like that, so I refrained.

Our first day in Bangkok turned out to be exhausting and awesome. Kyle and I patted ourselves on the back for (despite the apparent proximity to a chicken farm) choosing the most perfect hotel that had everything we needed to get acclimated including a private room with two beds, sweet sweet air conditioning, free wifi, and a real toilet! Plus it's just a 10 minute walk from the backpackers place to be- Khaosan Road.

Here's how we spent our almost only day in Bangkok:

1. We walked about a million miles (20,000 steps! Thanks Fitbit!)
2. We saw a very long lizard floating down the river which I at first thought was a sn@ke but then it wasn't so we were ok.
3. We got approached several times by random Thai people who spoke perfect English who were 'just being friendly' who gave us advice on what all to see, and then all of a sudden a tuktuk would pull up and they'd be like oh here! Get in this one! They take you to all those sites I tell you about - 40 bhat! You like! You like!
4. We ate our first meal. Phad Thai from a street vendor. THE BEST PHAD THAI OF MY LIFE. It cost $1.33.

5. We almost went on a private long tail boat ride of the river but it was too expensive and they wouldn't be haggled with. They wanted $12 for the hour!
6. Instead we tried the 'fish spa'. My.god. It was one of those rare times when something was actually way worse than you thought it'd be. When I first saw it I was like- little tiny fish sucking on your feet in a vat of water for 20 minutes?? How bad could that be?? Turns out, very bad. But I eventually came around enough to at least not waste the $6 I spent on it. I've included a video of this little fiasco on my FB because I cant figure out how to on here. Don't laugh.
7. Then we took a siesta. Or whatever it's called in Thai when it's way too hot to be outdoors.
8. Then we accidentally siesta-ed for 5 hours. So we got up to explore Khaosan Road and get some dinner around 9.
9. Khaosan Road was completely insane and packed full of backpackers. We were kind of groggy and jet lagged still so we just kind of walked around in awe not knowing what to buy or do.
10. After walking forever without being able to decide on somewhere to eat we chose a spot with delicious looking curries and live music that completely made our night. They've figured out exactly what makes white people happy and played it allll night long. Awesome 90's music. We sat there listening to the guy and girl sing for hours, got to see some incredible breakdancing street performing kids, and then danced ourselves out of there to some Justin Beiber around midnight.

Day 2 in Bangkok should be starting any minute now thanks to the roosters who have already woken me up. We've only got a few hours for sightseeing this morning because we've got a flight this afternoon at 3 to meet Kim in the south by the beaches! Cannot wait!!



  1. Congratulations!

    Can you tell me more about the pad thai? So cheap, yet so good... I'm jealous.

    Also I love that restaurant sign.

  2. LOVE the fanny pack Kyle! So handy! :) OMG those fish look so disgusting, I could never do it. Loving tagging along with your adventures on here! You've inspired me!


  3. Um, hi. Another update, please. And Merry (late) Christmas!

  4. OH. hi. I'm just starting my reading. AND I'M DYING. I'll be commenting on all posts most likely with LOL and I'M DYING.