Friday, December 28, 2012

Ipoh, Malaysia

I intended to stay one more night cuddled up under some blankets in the Cameron Highlands before meeting up with Ash and Kyle but I met a Polish guy named Mat who convinced me to join him and two other people from our inn on a trip to Ipoh. They had hitch-hiked earlier in the day with a man from Ipoh who said he would take us on a food tour to sample the best food in town. I couldn't say no to delicious food and a fellow Pollack so I jumped on board.

We arrived in Ipoh with no place to stay and ended up walking around town for 45 minutes trying to find a hotel that rented rooms by the night and not by the hour. Apparently a lot of tourists don't make it to Ipoh, at least not to stay for very long. We eventually found a place, dropped off our bags and headed out to Masjid Ubudiah. This is probably the most beautiful mosque I have seen yet.

After we finished our urban hiking, during which we were all bitten by the kind of mosquito that carries dengue fever (updates to come after the incubation period arrives), we returned to town in anticipation of our food tour. Except we were stood up. We couldn't get a hold of our foodie friend and so we wandered around town trying to remember the name of dishes we should try. We didn't succeed. A little disappointed that our food tour didn't work out, we stopped by a convenience store to get some water before heading home and then this happened and made the whole trip worth it:


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