Thursday, December 6, 2012

Flying Solo

Leading up to this trip people kept asking me if I was excited. Yes, yes I was. As Ashley mentioned, we are very excitable people. The flip side to this, and I think I inherited this from my younger brother Dave, is that I do not think about the cons (unless other people's emotions are involved). I just go down whatever twisted, complicated thought process makes me happy and confident in my plans. Combined with a very hectic schedule leading up to my departure I didn't spend much time thinking about what would happen when I actually got to Asia. Until the night before I left. And then mini panic set in. "I've never spent more than 48 hours without physically seeing someone I know. I grew up with 3 brothers. I am not a loner. How am I going to spend two weeks all by myself!!" I let myself think this way for approximately 1 1/2 minutes then resorted to my lifelong coping mechanism: Don't think about it. And I didn't let myself think about it the entire 18 hours of flying, instead focusing on watching as many movies as possible (5 in case you are wondering). Trying to think about life changing things while jet lagged and tired has too much potential to lead to a scary place. So when I got to my hostel at 2am, I crawled straight into bed, still fully clothed, and went to sleep.

This morning as I woke up I decided it was time to let reality slip in a little bit. Just a little piece of info to see how it fit into my head. "Kim, you are in Singapore, alone, for two weeks." And a huge grin immediately broke out on my face. Emotional crisis averted and a great adventure is about to start!



  1. Go team Polish Lady! Oh the adventures my friend you will have for two weeks flying solo!