Sunday, January 20, 2013

We may have picked up an accent

Jan 9th-ish 2013
Ashley here

Who do you hate more than those people who walk around talking with weird accents, and you're like oh where are you from?  And they're like who me?  Oh I'm from Cincinnati, love.  And you're like....???

That's us now.  I mean if not us it's definitely me-  I won't speak for Kim, but I will say that I've heard her mention how excited she is to go to Oz in a few months and that she'd fancy another beer a time or two.

What happened was...we met these 3 awesome new British friends here in Pai on our second night, and have pretty much not left their sides for 5 days straight.  It's a couple from England, Hannah and Neil, and a Scottish dude named William who I can understand most of the time, except for when he's talking to another Scottish person and then there's no way.  He insists they're speaking english but I don't think so.

After the first day we spent with them I was like oh how novel!  They call a jacket a jumper!  And a truck a lorry!  Isn't that nice.  And now while I'm riding down the road on my motorbike I catch myself literally thinking with an accent.  I'm like maybe we should have a cheeky little snack at that restaurant before we head back.  Or oh no! Mind that dog in the road! Etc etc etc.  It's embarrassing even when I'm the only one hearing myself think.
Anyways, just felt the need to confess.  Thanks for listening :)  Cheerio mates! -Ash

Kim and me with our 3 new besties having a barry night out!  (Barry = awesome in Scottish)

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