Thursday, January 3, 2013

Not Enough Time on Phi Phi Island

When you picture the most quintessential beautiful Thai island, you're picturing Phi Phi.

I swear this is real

We left Koh Jum the morning after Christmas to head to our next destination, Phuket.  We had originally wanted to spend a few nights on Phi Phi, but when we went to book it (the day before we were leaving), absolutely everything was already reserved.  Great planning on our part!  We instead decided to head straight to Phuket, but were lucky enough to be able to have a 3 hour layover type thing (transferring from a small boat to a ferry) in Phi Phi which was just long enough for us to realize we absolutely have to go back.  Nothing too exciting to report since we were only there for a minute, but we had some great cheap food, bought a few things from the market on the main street in town, and most importantly, got our first real Thai massages!  

These ladies twist you into positions you NEVER knew were possible.  But not in a creepy way.

Hello/Goodbye paradise



  1. Jealous! I miss it so much... especially the cheapo massages!

  2. sooo bummed for you guys. was the highlight of my thailand/vietnam trip :P

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