Friday, January 4, 2013

From Phuket with Love

Phuket, Thailand: Dec 26th to Dec 30th

We loved it here!  Being in Phuket was like having the best summer day in Seattle over and over again.  Just normal and relaxing and perfect.  And thanks to some tips from friends back home we made a great choice right off the bat by deciding to book our hotel in Karon beach instead of the uber-touristy/ping pong showy Patong beach area.

Karon Beach

We walked a million miles a day up and down the beach and through the awesome little town.  We drank $1 fruit shakes and fresh coconut water like it was our job.  We swam and body-boarded (new favorite activity) in the salty crystal clear water.  And we tanned on the packed yet perfect beaches on our $3 beach chairs that they refused to barter with us on- that were totally worth it.

We got Thai massages. We got TONS of sleep, and watched lots of movies--have you seen that movie frmo about 5 years ago with Paul Rudd and Michelle Pfeiffer, "I Will Never Be Your Woman"? Well if you haven't you should. If it's on one of the 3 English channels in Thailand it's got to be on Netflix. Go watch it now please, it's hilarious. It's all three of our new favorite movie (sorry to call you out Kyle).
We enjoyed the heavenly air conditioning in our cheap guest house.  We snuck into a fancy hotel pool down the street!

Sneaking into the fancy hotel pool!  We are rebels I tell you.

We ate lots of delicious Thai food and surprisingly, some delicious Russian food as well, because as it turns out Phuket is pretty much "little Russia".  I'd say 80% of the tourists were either Russian or Polish.  Thanks to Anna I was able to tell them I love them and say 'good' in Russian.  Specibo, Annichika!

On our last night on the island we took a tuk tuk to the crazy Patong beach area so we could see what it was all about.  Just like we had heard, it was pretty insane.  It felt a bit like being in Time Square to me, with all the billboards and McDonald's and people trying to sell you things.  Fun for a night but definitely not for our whole stay.  We ended up having dinner and a giant tower of beer at a little restaurant in some alley where we played cards (Kings) and laughed so hard *someone* might have peed their pants.  Then we headed back to the main road to explore, got caught in a giant rain storm- watched every single person run for cover- and in true Seattle fashion- danced through the streets in the rain instead.

Main street in Patong

Tower of Chang beer

A lively game of Kings

Dancing in the rain
We've learned you can't always trust other peoples' advice, but just in case you trust us, our advice to you is when you go to Phuket, stay in Karon Beach. :) You're welcome.

-From Ashley with Love


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