Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Phi Phi Island Wedding

Beginning of February, 2013
Phi Phi Island, Thailand

At the start of our trip we had the chance to pass through Phi Phi Island for a few short hours and were determined to go back before we left Thailand because it was the most beautiful place we'd ever seen.  Luckily my friend Aimee from home decided to get married there at the end of January which gave us the perfect reason to go back!

Like usual, we didn't do much planning before heading to the island, so we weren't sure where the heck we were going to stay.  We got a tip from someone on the ferry ride over that the cheapest/coolest place to go was the Viking Resort, and if we wanted to save $3 each we could walk there instead of paying for a long tail boat over, like most people did.  He assured us it wouldn't take more than 15 minutes.  Also like usual, that was a lie.  About 45 minutes of hiking along the water on slippery rocks and up and down dirt hills through the jungle, WITH OUR BACKPACKS ON, we arrived at the Viking Resort.  2 very sweaty backpackers.

It always seems like a good idea at the beginning...
When we finally got to the resort we learned that they only had one room left.  A bungalow with one small bed and a shared bathroom that was about a 10 minute walk away.  Cool, we'll take it.

The front of our rustic bungalow
View from the back

Anyways, enough about our usual lodging and transportation mishaps.  Let's talk about the important stuff.  THE WEDDING!  There´s no way I could do their amazing ceremony and reception justice by trying to recap the whole thing here, so I´m just going to share some of my favorite pictures from the night, of which I took about a million:

Favorite thing #1:  While we were busy getting the bride ready for the ceremony a monkey came knocking on the door!  I'm not joking.  I'm pretty sure it was good luck.

There was a knock at the door, so we went to check it out...
Oh hello monkey!  
Favorite thing #2: The bride arrived by tuktuk

Bigger than a normal tuk tuk, it was like their limo version!
Favorite things #3 and #4 pictured here:  The AMAZINGLY gaudy hot pink and red asian-style wedding decor that the hotel staff put together....and the bride and groom drinking whiskey out of the "unity bucket" after their vows.

And favorite thing #4.5: Their hilarious friend Andy did the greatest job officiating
Favorite thing #5: They are the cutest couple ever!

AND they´re extremely attractive
Favorite thing #6: The bride, groom, and guests all sent off Thai lanterns together

Love this
My wedding date with our lantern
Favorite thing #7:  Still can´t believe I got to celebrate this girl´s wedding with her all the way across the world!  So happy.


Favorite thing #8: I had the hottest date in town!  

This lighting makes us look party animals even though we´re far from it

Thanks for letting us celebrate with you guys, Aimee and Mikey!  I think your thai wedding guests said it best.."the bride was very beautiful and the groom was very handsome". :)


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  1. Looks so fun! Especially loved the monkey wanting in on the bridal party fun